Advertising Disclosure

Online Schools Report is committed to providing transparent, useful rankings for prospective college students, parents, teachers, and researchers. Our ranking methodology is a matter of public record, and in our writing and ranking, we maintain strict editorial independence.

We do partner with colleges and universities who are searching for motivated and well-informed students interested in getting a degree online. The basis of these advertising arrangements is using the degree or school selection tool, which pairs interested students with colleges who offer relevant degrees in that field. If students choose to be contacted by OSR’s advertising partners, OSR may receive compensation for having facilitated the connection.

Featured Programs

On some pages, we may also link to products on online marketplaces. Some of these links may be affiliate links. Clicking on these links may also generate revenue for OSR, at no cost to the user.

In neither case do these revenue arrangements affect our writing, ranking, or editing. They do, however, support OSR’s continued mission of providing transparent, useful rankings of online college programs.