Ultimate Guide to Clinical Research

Ultimate Guide to Clinical Research

We turn to doctors and other health care professionals when we are at our weakest points. We trust them to provide safe and reliable […]
Ultimate Guide to Human Services

Ultimate Guide to Human Services

Do you feel a calling to help people but are unsure where your skills might best fit? If this is you, here’s the good […]

Ultimate Guide to Animation

Did you grow up loving Saturday Morning Cartoons on TV, or were you born this century? Because these days, most animation is online. But […]

What Students with Disabilities Should Know About Online Colleges

As a student with a disability, you’re likely aware of some of the challenges that a traditional college setting can present. Lack of resources, […]
Sports Medicine Degree Guide

Ultimate Guide to Sports Medicine

You’re on the sidelines of the big game. The star athlete on the team is out with an injury. Dressing their wound and getting […]

45 Scholarships for Latinx and Hispanic Students

Attending college is an exciting prospect, yet it can be daunting when crunching the numbers and navigating finances — especially for Latinx and Hispanic […]
Ultimate Guide to Hospitality Management

Ultimate Guide to Hospitality Management

There’s no better way to experience the world than through travel. Travel provides the opportunity to witness first hand the way people live their […]

The Scientists Behind the COVID Vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees. But now, a series of revolutionary vaccines developed at some of the world’s leading […]

How to Apply for an Online Degree – Finding the Perfect School for You

You’ve decided it’s time to get that degree, and the right way for your life is to do it online. Welcome to the new […]

Surviving Online College – How to Build a Support System

Build your support system Hate the thought of needing support? You aren’t alone. Many people go to school to establish or solidify their independence, […]

Why Is College So Expensive?

For decades, college students have watched the cost of college climb higher and higher, and undergraduates and graduates alike want to know exactly what […]
ultimate guide to insurance

Ultimate Guide to Insurance

What Is Insurance? Recently bought a home or a car? It’s time to insure it. Same goes for our teeth, our eyes, and our […]

Early Action vs. Early Decision: What You Need to Know When Applying

Continuing your education and the college application process is a stressful, yet exciting time! What isn’t so exciting is choosing the best way to […]

Bachelor of Arts vs. Bachelor of Science: What Your Degree Program Really Means

The two most popular degree options for college students are the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The main difference […]

Semester vs. Quarter Systems: The Major Differences You Need to Know

There are many decisions that factor into choosing what college you’ll attend. Among other important aspects, a big one is whether the school’s academic […]
Ultimate Guide to Psychology

Ultimate Guide to Psychology

To study psychology is to study the inner workings of the human mind. It’s to ask questions and seek answers about why we do […]
Ultimate Guide to Civil Engineering

Ultimate Guide to Civil Engineering

Among all the marvels of human achievement, there is the work of a civil engineer, which includes building soaring skyscrapers and epic bridges, but […]

How to Master the Online School-Life Balancing Act

Managing life can be tough. Factor in an online degree program or a new job, and it can feel like drowning in an ocean of competing priorities. Eighty-five percent of college students admitted to feeling overwhelmed by all of their obligations and required tasks, and 30 percent reported that stress negatively impacted their academic performance. Unfortunately, many also admit to neglecting their social lives or loved ones in pursuit of their online degree.
Ultimate Guide to Bible Studies

Ultimate Guide to Biblical Studies 

From philosophy to literature, and from history to politics, the influence of the Bible on the western world is impossible to quantify. Some study […]
Ultimate Guide to Computer Science

Ultimate Guide to Computer Science

Imagine a world where you can make an excellent salary, have a flexible work schedule, access plentiful opportunities, and pave the way for the […]

What are Micro Degrees? Choosing Degree and Certificate Options

You haven’t taken the leap yet, but you are serious enough about getting your online degree that you’re here. Good for you! Excited? Overwhelmed? […]

How to Transfer Credits – What to Consider Before Transferring

THE GOOD NEWS, AND THE WILD WEST The good news is that every major university is investing heavily in online education, and it’s about […]
Ultimate Guide to Health and Wellness

Ultimate Guide to Health and Wellness

Do you have a passion for healthy living? Do you love spreading awareness and knowledge about how to live a healthy life? Or do […]

135 Need-to-Know College Statistics

When it comes to applying for college, most students will need to factor data into their decision process. Whether this is acceptance or rejection […]

25 Most Motivational Podcasts for College Students

From true crime and celebrity interviews to money management, there is seemingly a podcast for everyone and every interest — with more than 1 […]

Public vs. Private College: The Key Differences

Private and public colleges have many similarities and differences. Perhaps the main difference, however, is funding. Public colleges are funded via state taxes while […]

How to Be Successful in College: The Online Student Survival Guide

No student ever starts college thinking, “Gee, what a great opportunity to fail!” Yet roughly 30 percent of students entering postsecondary degree programs don’t […]
Ultimate Guide to Information Technology

Ultimate Guide to Information Technology

We live in a data-driven economy. At any moment, vitally important information is being shared across the globe. That includes heavily encrypted communique between […]

Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Mental Health for College Students

Being a college student requires balancing many demands and responsibilities: schoolwork, classes, exams, extracurriculars and sometimes off-campus jobs or internships. It can seem overwhelming […]

How to Get a Job After Your Online Degree

Some people may think online programs are easier than on-campus ones, but there are many challenges for the online student to overcome before, during, […]
Ultimate Guide to Business Administration 

Ultimate Guide to Business Administration 

From traditional industries to high-tech companies of the future, one thing remains consistent: the fundamental principles of business, and fostering those principles in a […]

Great Military Scholarships for Active Duty Members and Veterans

The brave people that serve in the United States Armed Forces deserve gratitude and respect from the country they protect.  Scholarships and education programs […]
Ultimate Guide to Art History

Ultimate Guide to Art History

Art history is about more than just the study of art. Art historians put great cultural works in the context of their time and […]
Ultimate Guide to Web Development

Ultimate Guide to Web Development

We live in a digitally connected world, where almost any good or service is available from the palm of our hand. Our entertainment also […]

How to be Successful in College in 12 Easy Steps

During college, students develop and change personally, professionally, socially and, of course, academically. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to student success in […]

What is STEM?

What is STEM? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The term unites these concepts to illustrate the importance of gaining […]

The 25 Best Study Apps for College Students

Top Apps for Study It seems like there’s an app for everything. Grocery delivery, transportation, and music are all available at the touch of […]
Ultimate Guide to Economics

Ultimate Guide to Economics

Think economics is just about charts, graphs, and dollar signs? Think again. Like the economy itself, the study of economics, which is a social […]

The State of Online Education in 2020

Prologue: The Online Education Explosion Online college enrollment in bachelor’s and master’s degrees increased by 42.59 percent from 2012 to 2017. That’s almost one […]
Ultimate Guide to Construction Management Rewrite

Ultimate Guide to Construction Management

You can build a lot of bridges with a construction management degree. Buildings, too. And you can make a pretty excellent salary while you’re […]
Ultimate Guide to Library Sciences

Ultimate Guide to Library Science

From the scrolls of Ancient Egypt to the books first printed on the Gutenberg press, and now in the ones and zeros of digital […]
100 Free Online Distance Learning Resources for Kids at Home

100 Free Online Distance Learning Resources for Kids at Home

With schools across the country closing in response to the coronavirus outbreak, many parents are finding themselves in a seemingly impossible position. Their children […]
Ultimate Guide to Graphic Design

Ultimate Guide to Graphic Design

From traditional print media to websites and mobile apps, elements of graphic design are part of our everyday lives. From giving instruction, conveying ideas […]
Ultimate Guide to Early Childhood Education 

Ultimate Guide to Early Childhood Education 

Children are the foundation of the future, and quality education can set a child’s course for success or failure. Considering this, how could a […]

College vs. University: The Difference Matters

Universities vs colleges. Which is better college or university? You may be asking yourself this question. Prospective students, take note! This may help you […]

The Best Tools for Remote Learning & How to Adapt to Distance Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that we’re capable of doing almost anything virtually — from weddings to talk shows, a lot can […]