About OSR

Our Mission Statement

Online Schools Report aims to provide students with simple, practical, and accurate information about every online program available. Use OSR to find the best online program for you.

What We Do


We aim to produce the most helpful, visually attractive, and user-friendly college rankings anywhere on the internet.

We keep our rankings short and sweet. Most rankings use tons of text – we have a hunch that we can build better rankings with less text. Let’s get you straight to the info that matters.

With every ranking you’ll get a quick description of the school, the pros and cons of the program in question, and a percentage score for seven key stats. This should give you a good idea of which program best fits your expectations, price, and personal style.


Distance education is still in its growing stages. OSR is here to research, analyze, and report new developments in the field.

Why We Do It

Online education has always been a fantastic option for students who are busy with life outside of school. But online schools often have a stigma attached to them: many people think they can’t hold up against traditional on-campus programs.

So first off, we’re here to debunk that myth: most universities in the US offer at least a few online options. In most cases, you’re getting the same degree that a residential student would get.

Second, let’s make sure to hold these new online programs to that standard. Online education is getting huge. Let’s hold these new programs accountable.

You deserve a world class education from anywhere in the world.


Contact us at editor@onlineschoolsreport.com with questions, information, and data/story pitches.