The Growth of Online Learning

Online Learning Is at an All-Time High

In the last six years, we’ve seen total enrollment numbers in higher education on the decline. It seems that not as many Americans are pursuing a higher-level degree. Yet as total enrollment has decreased, the number of students taking online courses has risen.

In fact, enrollment in online courses is increasing faster than overall enrollment is decreasing. This indicates a huge amount of enthusiasm on the part of students. So what are they so excited about? Here are a few reasons more people are choosing online learning.

  1. It’s more convenient. You don’t have to be at class at a certain time, on a particular date — and this is great for people who are working at the same time they’re going to school. Getting a higher-education degree becomes a lot more practical when you don’t lose out on income while you’re going to school.
  2. You can complete your degree faster. You can work at your own pace in an online school. That means that if you want to complete your degree at a faster rate than the other students in your class, you often have the option to do so.
  3. It’s more affordable. If you’re able to finish your degree in fewer semesters or quarters, you might save money on tuition. This doesn’t include the money you’ll save in transportation costs and lost wages. All in all, an online degree is easier on the pocketbook.

Check out our infographic for the latest trends in online education.