Best Online Master’s in Hospitality Management

Give your career in business management or hospitality a competitive edge by earning an online master’s degree in hospitality management. 

Best Online Master’s in Hospitality Management

Are you a hospitality professional or manager who wants to elevate your career? If so, the colleges listed below can help train you for the marketing and managerial challenges of today’s competitive industry. Keep reading to see if an online master’s degree in hospitality management is the right avenue for your career. 

What Is an Online Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management?

As the travel and hospitality industries continue to grow, the demand for talented managers that can juggle marketing, event management, and training and development is also increasing. A master’s degree in hospitality management offers students an opportunity to analyze and incorporate real-world data on what makes hotels, event centers, restaurants, and destinations successful. 

These programs can elevate the expertise and careers of a wide array of existing hospitality professionals, including event managers, marketing managers, business owners, and operations or revenue managers. With this degree, you can expand your knowledge and skills or specialize in a specific area of interest. 

How Much Can You Earn With an Online Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management?

A master’s degree in hospitality management can apply to numerous occupations, so earnings vary. For example, hospitality administration managers are at the lowest end of the pay scale making just over $50,000 annually, while hospitality marketing managers and hospitality sales managers typically make more than $100,000 annually.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, hospitality advertising, promotions, and marketing managers made a median salary of $129,380 in 2019, while meeting, convention, and event planners earned a median salary of $94,020.

What Is Required For an Online Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management?

In order to be admitted to an online master’s in hospitality degree program, students are typically required to have a four-year bachelor’s degree in a related field. However, some programs may accept degrees in unrelated subjects.

Professional experience in the industry is helpful but not usually essential, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher is customary. Two or more letters of recommendation regarding experience or academics from a professor, supervisor, or colleague should be expected. Programs vary in credit hour requirements, but most institutions demand 30 to 36 hours for completion.

What Are the Best Online Master’s Degrees in Hospitality Management?

OSR uses six data points: three school-wide and three program-specific. For school-wide, OSR uses Student Satisfaction, Admission Rates, and the number of programs the school offers online. For program-specific, OSR checks the Median Debt of graduates from that program, how many degrees are offered within that program’s umbrella department, and what percentage of students at that school graduated from that department.

The six statistics are displayed by each school. The sliding bar under each statistic represents how that school compares to other US institutions. “Not reported” means a school did not release that information to the US Department of Education. A more detailed description of the OSR process can be found on the methodology page.

  1. Tiffin University

    Quick Facts

    • Tuition: $12,600(in state) / $12,600(out of state)
    • Total of 32-36 credits required to graduate
    • 14-month full-time program  
    • GPA of 3.0 to graduate 

    School Wide

    Student Satisfaction72.80%
    Admission Rate69%
    Programs offered online17

    Program Level

    Median DebtNot Reported
    Programs in Department8
    Popularity at School39.59%
    OSR Score

    You can earn your master’s degree in business administration to further your career in hospitality through Tiffin University. This online program allows you to focus on marketing, finance, international business, or leadership and change. Tiffin University uniquely allows students with a 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate degree to have two course requirements waived. A professional resume and personal statement are required to apply.

  2. Florida International University

    Florida International University

    Quick Facts

    • Tuition: $8,912(in state) / $21,393(out of state)
    • Total of 33 credit hours
    • 3.0 GPA or higher to waive GRE/GMAT 
    • No thesis required

    School Wide

    Student Satisfaction76.40%
    Admission Rate54%
    Programs offered online26

    Program Level

    Median Debt$48,427
    Programs in Department6
    Popularity at School24.63%
    OSR Score

    Florida International University offers both a hospitality management and an executive hospitality management master’s program. This online program focuses on marketing, leadership, law, finance, and human resources. In addition, students will concentrate on globalization and competitive methods for multinational companies. Industry experience is not necessary, but an executive program is also available for existing professionals in the industry. 

  3. Schiller International University

    Quick Facts

    • Tuition: $18,600(in state) / $18,600(out of state)
    • Total of 45 credit hours 
    • 15-month full-time program
    • Internationally-valid degree

    School Wide

    Student Satisfaction66.60%
    Programs offered online4

    Program Level

    Median DebtNot Reported
    Programs in Department5
    Popularity at School38.24%
    OSR Score

    If you’re looking for a master’s in hospitality management, Schiller International University offers an excellent option through its online international hospitality and tourism management program. Students will analyze and interpret global issues that hospitality managers will encounter, and they will learn to create an appropriate, strategic enterprise plan. In addition, students will learn to assess how hospitality operations can affect their operating environment.

  4. University of Central Florida

    University of Central Florida

    Quick Facts

    • Tuition: $6,916(in state) / $25,759(out of state)
    • 33 credit hours
    • Thesis and non-thesis track available 
    • Two-year program that’s customizable 

    School Wide

    Student Satisfaction74.80%
    Admission Rate50%
    Programs offered online93

    Program Level

    Median DebtNot Reported
    Programs in Department2
    Popularity at School20.06%
    OSR Score

    For an excellent hospitality and tourism management master’s degree, look to the University of Central Florida. This university offers a fully online program that focuses on strategic marketing, solving critical industry issues, and financial analysis. Students will engage in experiential learning and hands-on skill-building that will keep candidates competitive in a highly dynamic and evolving industry. 

  5. University of North Texas

    Quick Facts

    • Tuition: $5,450(in state) / $12,920(out of state)
    • 36 semester credits required for completion 
    • Three references required to apply  
    • Bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA from an accredited university

    School Wide

    Student Satisfaction74.20%
    Admission Rate72%
    Programs offered online3

    Program Level

    Median DebtNot Reported
    Programs in Department4
    Popularity at School19.99%
    OSR Score

    The University of North Texas’ Master of Science in Hospitality Management program consists of 12 classes and can give students an edge in the meeting, convention and event planning industries. Participants will gain advanced hospitality information, evaluate growth, and strategic planning, as well as practice critical thinking and industry-related decision-making. With permission, applicants can transfer up to nine accredited graduate hours and must complete the degree in five years or less.