Do you want to be one of the most valuable assets to a large corporation? Earn an online bachelor’s in information systems security.

The possibility of a breach in a company’s information system is a major threat that can be detrimental to the business. Hiring a professional with a bachelor’s in information systems security will help companies properly integrate, manage, and protect a company’s data.

As technology continues to evolve, students with a bachelor’s in information systems security will remain irreplaceable. The skill sets taught within this degree are highly sought-after in the professional world. The question is, can you handle the pressure?

What is an Online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree? 

Earning an online bachelor’s in information systems requires students to properly assist a given IT system while keeping safety in mind. Students will be capable of administering the best practices for safeguarding the information within a specific system so that there’s no opportunity for breach.

This degree offers a look inside the professional objectives that will be expected of you when it comes time to work in the field. You will be in charge of keeping information confidential while making it available to the right people when needed. If you instill three core characteristics within your work, integrity, confidentiality, and dependability, you will be an in-demand prospect.

How much can you earn with an Online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree?

There are several roles that an I.T. expert with a bachelor’s in information systems can achieve. According to PayScale, the average salary with a bachelor’s in information systems is $68,000. In terms of an actual position you may obtain, Information Security Analysts’ average earnings are around $67,000. Information Technology Specialists’ earnings are sitting at approximately $71,000.

Your salary will fluctuate depending on where you specialize within the industry. There’s opportunity in IT software, web development, application security, and much more. Here are a few of the job titles you could procure throughout your career:

  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Engineer

What is required for an Online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degree?

As like other bachelor’s programs, obtaining an online bachelor’s in information systems typically takes four years. Some institutions offer accelerated programs, as well as part-time programs. This could allow you to finish your degree in as quick as two years or as drawn out as five years!

There are no standard-specific tests that must be taken upon graduation, but graduates tend to seek professional certifications and licenses to further their knowledge and separate their resumes from the rest of the pack. The most common in information systems security are CompTIA Security+ certification and Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification.

What are the best Online Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security degrees?

When researching the best online schools to obtain your bachelor’s degree, it’s important to identify all your options. Luckily, you came across OSR. We’ve found the five best bachelor’s in information systems security just for you!

Our rankings are based on seven key stats and provide the important details you need to decide whether or not to further your interest.

You take care of the information technology side of things; we’ve got you covered on the best institutions. Read on to learn about the five best online bachelor’s for information systems security.

  1. American Public University System

    Tuition in State/Out of State: $16,280/$16,280
    Earnings Potential51
    Online Presence30
    Online Program Quality90
    Student Satisfaction82
    • Transfer up to 90 credits
    • No application fee
    • Military discounts offered
    • Class materials are not included with tuition costs 
    • No accelerated pace offered
    • $50 technology fee per course
    100%OSR Score

    Obtaining your bachelor’s in information systems security from American Public University requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and takes four years to complete. The courses within this program are designed to fit current industry trends; that way, you’re always learning relevant information. With no application fee and low tuition costs, there’s no harm in determining if you’ll get accepted for our top pick school!

  2. University of Illinois at Springfield

    Tuition in State/Out of State: not reported/not reported
    Earnings Potential33
    Online Presence1
    Online Program Quality13
    Student Satisfaction90
    • Access to a variety of computing systems 
    • Internships qualify for credit hours 
    • Tuition is cheaper for in-state students
    • Minimum of 30 semester hours of college-level transfer credits to apply
    • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 to apply 
    • Entrance and exit assessment mandated
    97%OSR Score

    Offered by the University of Illinois at Springfield’s Department of Computer Science, the BS in Information Systems Security is entirely online. Through constant asynchronous learning and career-centric training approaches, this bachelor’s program is undoubtedly worthwhile. An entrance and exit assessment are required to ensure that you leave the program with confidence in your professional endeavors.

  3. Liberty University

    Tuition in State/Out of State: $38,178/$38,178
    Earnings Potential73
    Online Presence4
    Online Program Quality13
    Student Satisfaction76
    • 8-week courses
    • Transfer up to 75% of your degree 
    • Military benefits offered
    • $50 non-refundable application fee
    • Applicants must have a 2.0 GPA
    • Takes 3.5 years to complete
    88%OSR Score

    In three and a half years, you can earn your BS in Information Systems from Liberty University. Offered entirely online, Liberty University has been ranked as one of the best schools for the top computer science degrees. Throughout your program, you’ll take classes including, statistics, management principles, IS hardware and software, and macroeconomics.

  4. Robert Morris University

    Tuition in State/Out of State: $42,610/$42,610
    Earnings Potential33
    Online Presence1
    Online Program Quality13
    Student Satisfaction90
    • Free to apply online
    • No capstone course required
    • Military benefits offered
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate 
    • Tuition costs are unknown 
    • Programs typically takes four years to complete
    86%OSR Score

    RMU grants students a B.S. in Cyber Forensics Info Security, available entirely online within four years. If you have a combined interest in crime and information systems, this is the program for you. RMU strives to make the online experience as beneficial as in-person; therefore, when you enroll you’ll get a dedicated student counselor, career advisor, wellness counselor, financial aid counselor, and 24-hour technical support.

  5. University of Maine at Augusta

    Tuition in State/Out of State: $19,808/$29,498
    Earnings Potential62
    Online Presence3
    Online Program Quality55
    Student Satisfaction75
    • UMA Ranked Best Online Bachelor’s Programs
    • Apply for free online 
    • Financial aid is offered to online students
    • Writing intensive course mandated 
    • 30 hours of residency courses required for graduation 
    • Mandatory internship requirement
    94%OSR Score

    The University of Maine at Augusta is known for the hands-on approach to learning that makes up the Computer Informations Systems concentration program. Students can earn an MS in CIS upon completing a minimum of 112 credit hours. Some of the common applications will include hardware and operating systems, networking and security, database design, and web development.