Top 10 Best Coding Bootcamps

Top 10 Best Coding Bootcamps

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Are you thinking about a career in coding or about elevating your existing front-end or back-end computer skills?

Top 10 Best Coding Bootcamps

Imagine taking your budding computer interests to the next level with a first-class computer coding program. Check out the programs listed below to find out where you can train for the latest challenges in today’s computer software creation and development fields. 

Megan Nelson, the director of admissions at Alchemy Code Lab, which is one of the schools on our list, says, “We are a comprehensive software development training program that prepares grads to go directly into mid-level developer roles, not internships or entry-level. With an average starting salary of $80K, this investment in themselves can really pay off.”

See if an online coding bootcamp might be the catalyst your professional skills need to enhance your existing talents or lay the foundation for a coding career.

Online Schools Report is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

What Is an Online Coding Bootcamp?

Typically, an online coding bootcamp or software development program will seek to enhance your expertise in current programming languages and modern development technology. You will learn how to build software systems, operate in a team of professionals, and train with large code bases. 

Additionally, these programs deliver career guidance, customized program coursework, and a network of professionals to help you land your first job. The most beneficial programs help you develop projects and portfolio pieces needed for the job interview process. Many programs also offer internship opportunities to develop on-the-job training and create inter-field connections.

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How Much Can You Earn With an Online Coding Program or Bootcamp?

Online coding programs offer numerous occupation opportunities, so earnings vary. For example, pursuing a career in software development doesn’t have to mean earning a bachelor’s degree to get a job in computer programming, software design, development, or even online coding. By completing a top coding program or web development bootcamp, you can work as a web developer, designer, or computer programmer.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers made a median salary of $86,550 in 2019, while web designers and graphic designers earned a median salary of $52,110. Web developers made about $73,760 annually in 2019. 

What Is Required For an Online Coding Bootcamp?

Obtaining admission into a top bootcamp typically requires a GED, high school diploma, or similar academic completion. Since online bootcamps are designed as atypical, stand-alone programs that introduce interested students to the field of study with a focus on end-result certification and career placement, these programs welcome students from a variety of academic backgrounds, with little to no computer programming experience, or those wanting to expand or specialize their technical skills. The timeframe of study and credit hours required to complete certification vary from program to program, but schedules tend to be accelerated and demanding. Bootcamps offer students the opportunity to train in web design, coding, software development, programming, and more. 

What Can You Expect From Online Coding Bootcamps?

Online coding bootcamps are designed for focused, immersion training in real-world computer programming right from the beginning. Different from a typical associate or bachelor’s degree program, there are no general core courses in English, math, history, or science to complete. Furthermore, students aren’t encumbered with elective courses that diverge from their focus of study altogether. Instead, bootcamps are a form of focused instruction that launches students directly into the coding and computer technology world.

To prepare students for the rigorous, hands-on computer coding and programming training, many of the best online bootcamps offer a bootcamp prep program that is free and frequently required before starting the official program. Prep work can include training in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby lessons, and more. This prep work is designed to elevate entry-level students’ base knowledge, prepare them for the focused course work, and provide an opportunity to get a taste of the coding field before committing to the whole program.

Flatiron School 

Quick Facts: 

  • A total of 1,000 hours of curriculum
  • One-on-one dedicated career coach for job placement 
  • Full-time, part-time, or self-paced online options  

Flatiron School designed its bootcamp to provide complete back-end and front-end programming to develop full-stack web developer skills. Students study the HTML5 and CSS fundamentals, web frameworks, JavaScript, as well as front-end React and Redux builds. At the end of course completion, a career coach supports the student in job search, interviewing, and placement.

Full Stack Alchemy Code Lab 

Quick Facts: 

  • The curriculum package includes four courses and takes 25 weeks 
  • One-week introductory class available to gauge your interest  
  • Career placement opportunities without internship requirement

Utilize this thirteen-week bootcamp to enter the web development career field, train on the latest technology, and gain real-world job placement opportunities upon graduation. The four-course bootcamp packet takes students from an introduction to tools and web learning through basic and intermediate software development and finally into full-stack JavaScript training.


Quick Facts: 

  • Course includes a packet of pre-work and three separate study modules 
  • Project work required
  • Coding experience is helpful but not required 

For a web development bootcamp program that ensures students become strong full-stack web developers, IronHack offers a program that will increase knowledge of servers and hosting while gaining expertise in frameworks like Express-back-end and React-front-end. Students will code the basics and critical elements of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Choose either a full-time or part-time format all online.

App Academy

Quick Facts: 

  • Deferred tuition until job placement 
  • Online and in-person instruction available
  • No coding experience required

App Academy offers students with no coding experience an opportunity to train in a condensed, 16 or 24-week immersion course in software engineering. Offering JavaScript and Ruby language training in an instructor-supported format, students learn and practice each new skill at a rigorous pace. With a deferred tuition plan, no tuition is due until the student takes a paying job.

General Assembly

Quick Facts: 

  • Part-time or full-time study available 
  • Tuition discounts for women
  • Catalyst program to defer tuition

The General Assembly offers coding bootcamps with choices in software engineering and front-end web development. Students will use HTML5, jQuery, GitHub, JavaScript, and Sublime Text to create interactive, responsive websites. Training in building apps, using key frameworks, and mastering stacks are part of the curriculum. 

Hack Reacter

Quick Facts: 

  • 13-week program 
  • Coding experience is helpful but not required
  • Full online instruction available

Hack Reacter’s software engineering program utilizes pre-work instruction, partner projects, and full-immersion exercises to develop, build, and refine your programming skills. Learn JavaScript and stack skills through its pair programming technique that mimics a real-world team environment. Finish your course work with career interview training. 

Tech Elevator

Quick Facts: 

  • Online aptitude tests and application interview required 
  • Live online instruction available
  • In-person or online learning choices available

Tech Elevator’s bootcamp for software development includes front-end and back-end technologies. Full-stack web development fundamentals will give students flexibility in building their skills and targeting key areas of interest. Instruction is formatted in a unique virtual environment to give students live interaction with instructors. 


Quick Facts: 

  • 12-week, full-immersion program 
  • Portfolio required 
  • Scholarships and tuition assistance available

In just 12 weeks, CodeSmith offers a software engineering immersive program that teaches computer science and full-stack JavaScript. The program features modern web technologies including Node.js and React. At the end of the program, students will have an interview portfolio of completed work and receive strategies for job hunting and interviewing. 

The Tech Academy

Quick Facts: 

  • Free introduction to coding class available before enrollment
  • Open enrollment for immediate start
  • Self-paced study

The Tech Academy teaches the most in-demand programming languages to compete with current coding technology demands. Offering bootcamps in Python development, front-end web development, and software development, students can choose their area of expertise or opt for more than one program. Students receive full-stack developer training and nearly 1,000 total hours of study content and work. 

Code Academy

Quick Facts: 

  • Free seven-day trial 
  • Student-driven course selection
  • Pricing per course

At Code Academy, students choose from an on-going variety of computer science and software development classes to build the experience and skills they desire. Choose from courses like Python, web development, JavaScript, HTML, or exploring web development. Once you are ready to pursue a software development career, you can get job application and interview assistance. For existing employees seeking career advancement or an expansion of their existing skills, Code Academy allows students to choose a single course of study or many.